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Entra nel Bebeverse: unisciti subito all’epico mondo virtuale di Bebe Rexha!


Mag 4, 2023

Ora puoi unirti a Bebe Rexha nel Bebeverse Virtual World! La pop star multiplatino sta usando la nuova tecnologia per connettersi con i fan e celebrare il suo terzo album, Bebe. La tecnologia Intraverse di TerraZero alimenta il mondo virtuale e promette un’esperienza coinvolgente e divertente per i fan. Non perdere questa opportunità di interagire con Bebe ed essere parte dell’entusiasmo!

Entra nel Bebeverse: il nuovo mondo virtuale di Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha ha lanciato oggi il Bebeverse per celebrare l’uscita del suo attesissimo terzo album, Bebe. Notably, the multi-player environment works on both desktop and mobile. Once inside, you will transform into your own Bebe avatar and join a community of other Bebe’s. Significantly, you’ll step into a 70’s roller disco lobby, complete with an arcade, classic heart car, and disco ball surrounded by vibrant, multi-colored party lights. Your Bebe Rexha avatar will then be whisked away to the Disco Roller Rink, where the atmosphere is electric with disco balls and more neon lights. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to play an exciting mini-game. Fans can also enter to win some amazing prizes. These include signed copies of Bebe’s new album and a chance to receive a video message from Bebe herself!

This activation is a follow-up to The Mothership. This was a virtual hotbox activation Bebe launched on 4/20 alongside her single, “Satellite” with Snoop Dogg. Significantly, this included an interactive game and preview of the new album. Due to such a positive reactions from fans, Bebe Rexha has created a second experience in the Bebeverse.

Warner Records and Terra Zero’s Intraverse: A Game-Changing Platform for Artists and Brands

The Terra Zero team collaborated with Warner Records to create the Intraverse product, a platform designed for artists and brands to build their own bespoke interactive worlds. This marks the first time a music artist has utilized this groundbreaking technology, and Bebe Rexha is leading the way with the launch of her virtual world.

Now, let’s take a look at Bebe Rexha’s third album, “Bebe.” Significantly, it is a collection of certified hits and future radio favorites, including her latest duet with Dolly Parton, “Seasons.” Furthermore, among the album’s many standouts is Bebe’s chart-topping collaboration with David Guetta, “I’m Good (Blue),” her disco-inspired single “Heart Wants What It Wants,” and the empowering club banger “Call on Me.”

Ultimately, Warner Records and Terra Zero have truly created something special with Intraverse. Bebe Rexha’s groundbreaking use of the technology is just the beginning.


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